Harris County Recovery Assistance

Harris County Recovery Assistance is a Harris County-funded program that will provide $60 million in emergency financial assistance to help Harris County residents who are experiencing financial hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Harris County Recovery Assistance program provides a one-time payment of $1,500 to eligible households for necessary expenses, such as healthcare, rent, utilities, food, internet connectivity, transportation and childcare.

For more information on what is required, please visit www.harriscountyrelief.org

If you need additional assistance, please call (832) 345-6289. A Catholic Charities staff member will answer your questions and assist you in uploading your documentation. 

In order to successfully submit this application, you will need to upload a copy of your ID. If you have the other documents, please upload them if you can. 

Not submitting other documents at the time of application will not affect your eligibility.

If you are selected to move forward after the randomization, a Catholic Charities staff member will contact you in order to gather the remaining documents. Please monitor your phone and email for next steps.

If you have already submitted an application, please do not apply again. Your application is still available for selection.

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Applicant Contact Information

We strongly encourage you to provide your email address or that of a trusted friend or family member. Email is the fastest way to receive updates on your application status and is the primary way we will let you know if we need additional information to complete your application. We will not sell or share your email to any other person or organization.  

Please type your street address and city, and then click on the matching result. Please do not include apartment numbers or unit numbers.

If your address is within the orange Harris County boundary, you may be eligible to receive assistance from Catholic Charities Help. If your address is on the border and you're unsure if you live in Harris County, you can look up your address at https://hcad.org/quick-search.

Applicant Eligibility Information

Please include all household members currently living with you.

Household Income

What is your total monthly gross household income (before taxes)? Please provide a breakdown of your household’s monthly income by source. Be sure to include the income from all adults (18 and over) in your household.
Important: Please enter numbers only and round to the nearest dollar. Commas, decimals, and special characters (such as $) are not allowed.

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Applicant Document Upload

In order to successfully submit this application, please upload a copy of your ID. For examples on what IDs are acceptable, please see below.

Note: If you are on a mobile device, clicking “Choose file” will allow you to take a photo of your document. You can also upload your documents from your computer. When scanning or taking photos of your documents, please be sure the applicant's name, address and date remain visible, for all documents that include that information.

Acceptable Proofs of Identification:

  • Current or recently expired Texas Identification card or Driver’s license
  • Current or recently expired out-of-state issued ID or Driver's license
  • Current or expired U.S. passport
  • Non-expired U.S. Visa Card
  • Non-expired Work permit or Employment Authorization Card
  • Legal permanent resident card (Green card)
  • Non-expired Current Office of Refugee Resettlement ID
  • Handgun license
  • Military ID
  • Texas Election ID certificate

The Applicant must upload any one of the IDs above (only required for primary applicant, not all household members).

Acceptable Proofs of Residence within Harris County:

  • Current photo ID (must be an address within Harris County)
  • Current utility bill (water, gas, cell phone, internet, or other utility provider)
  • Mail from the government office, financial institution, or utility provider
  • Lease with name of the applicant (or household member) and Harris County address
  • Proof of temporary residency: a letter of temporary residence with address of residence including name and contact information of person verifying residence, a current hotel/motel bill.
  • Homeless: a statement saying that you are homeless and do not have any of these documents.

Acceptable Proof of Public Benefits
  • Award or Benefit Notice letter dated within 12 months
  • Please click here for the full list of acceptable documentation.

Important: We only need proof of participation in one program, so if your household participates in multiple programs, please provide the documentation that is easiest for you to obtain.

For each adult household member (18 years of age or older), please upload documents from List A or List B below. Click on "Add another response" if you need to upload multiple files.

List A:
  • 2020 tax return listing all adult household members
  • 2020 W-2(s) for every job held by each adult household member
  • 2020 1099(s) for every job held by each adult household member

If you cannot provide documents from List A, you may upload documents from List B.

List B:

Note: Not submitting this document at the time of application will not affect your eligibility.

You will not be asked to upload documentation to your application.
Additional Information

Note: Your response does not affect your eligibility.

Note: Your response does not affect your eligibility.
Connective Texts

Note: Standard text message rates from your mobile carrier may apply.
Consent and Waiver
You must check ALL of the following in order to successfully submit this application.